UNICAST006 featuring Deathmachine and his interview for musicincontrol.nl

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UNICAST006 is already available! Made by Deathmachine. He started DJing in 1998 and over the following years began carving a unique sound for himself. Always dance floor oriented, but with an experimental edge, his sets earned him bookings from all major promoters across the UK. A few years later and now a respected name on the UK DJ circuit, he took it to the next level. In 2001, he began producing, aiming to capture energy and rawness along with the continuing dark vibe. Since then, he has released on some of the worlds most respected industrial hardcore labels such as Deathchant, Rebelscum and Pacemaker. He is constantly developing his sound, combining heavy bass and break beats with hardcore energy!

Deathmachine interview for musicincontrol.nl



1. DJ Hidden & Eye-D – Break You [PRSPCT]
2. Switch Technique & Deathmachine – In The Dark [UNION]
3. Counterstrike & Forbidden Society – Extreme (Current Value remix) [Fsrecs]
4. Current Value & Cooh – Optic nerve [UNION]
5. DJ Hidden – You Are Not Real [Hidden Tracks]
6. Zeal & Litta – Screams Of Another (Current Value remix) [Tantrum]
7. DJ Hidden & Eye-D – Battlefield [PRSPCT]
8. Cooh & Forbidden Society – The Gord [Freak]
9. Deathmachine – They Hunt Us [Genosha 175]
10. Switch Technique & Forbidden Society – Blood Extract [UNION]
11. Current Value – Hitman [Subviolenz]
12. Switch Technique – Falling Believers [Mentally Disturbed]
13. DJ Hidden & Eye-D – Highways [PRSPCT]
14. The DJ Producer – The Difference Between [Killing Sheep]
15. Switch Technique – Kink [UNION]
16. Machine Code – Heisenburg [UNION]
17. Fobidden Society & Katharsys – Domination [Mentally Disturbed]
18. Ak Industry – The Dark Industry (Deathmachine remix) [Industrial Strength]
19. Bong-Ra – Yeti (The DJ Producer remix) [Unsigned]

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