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UNICAST006 featuring Deathmachine and his interview for

piątek, Wrzesień 16th, 2011

UNICAST006 is already available! Made by Deathmachine. He started DJing in 1998 and over the following years began carving a unique sound for himself. Always dance floor oriented, but with an experimental edge, his sets earned him bookings from all major promoters across the UK. A few years later and now a respected name on [...]

Dogs On Acid Interview with Dean Rodell and his UNICAST004!

czwartek, Maj 5th, 2011

True veteran Dean Rodell has been involved in underground music since the early 90s and has been the man behind dozens of innovative, genre-fusing records and remixes on many of the worlds leading Techno/DnB & Dub labels. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dean Rodell with his powerful UNICAST!

Dogs On Acid Interview with COOH and his UNICAST003!

wtorek, Grudzień 21st, 2010

Started playing bass guitar in a hardcore-metal band when at 16 and got involved with creating electronic music at the age of 18. Producing Drum And Bass for 9 years, now at the age of 28, he has 42 vinyl and 12 CD releases. Ladies and Gentlemen, COOH with his powerful UNICAST!

Exclusive Dogs On Acid Interview with Switch Technique and his UNICAST002 are already available !!!

środa, Sierpień 18th, 2010

His individual and collaborated releases are fresh, fully packed with energy and the harder ones are influenced by Hardcore sounds. Since his first record release, his tunes have been dance floor killers tracklisted by the biggest and most influential Dj’s such as The Outside Agency, Evol Intent, Dj Hidden, Eye-d, Panacea, Masheen, Kano and freaking [...]

UNICAST001 // featuring Bada

piątek, Maj 21st, 2010

Founder of the Union Recordings presents the first of a series of podcasts called unicast. Enjoy !