Exclusive Dogs On Acid Interview with Switch Technique and his UNICAST002 are already available !!!

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His individual and collaborated releases are fresh, fully packed with energy and the harder ones are influenced by Hardcore sounds. Since his first record release, his tunes have been dance floor killers tracklisted by the biggest and most influential Dj’s such as The Outside Agency, Evol Intent, Dj Hidden, Eye-d, Panacea, Masheen, Kano and freaking many others.
After more than a decade with handfuls of releases, hundreds of events and thousands of hours spent on perfecting his stand out sound there has come a time for his fascination of Hardcore to take him to a whole new level of music production.

Exclusive Dogs On Acid Interview with Switch Technique



1. Cooh – Gerdan [UNION]
2. Switch Technique & Qmare – Liar [Unsigned]
3. Switch Technique – Intelligence [UNION]
4. Cooh & Ogonek – Mindless [UNION]
5. The Outside Agency & SPL – Separate Ways [Genosha 175]
6. Switch Technique – Imprint [Future Sickness]
7. Switch Technique – Cursed Angel Rvisited [Nu:gen]
8. Switch Technique – Collapsed Species [Future Sickness]
9. Spl & Eye-d – Another Realm [Lost Soul]
10. Switch Technique – The Storyteller [UNION]
11. Switch Technique & Forbidden Society – Shelter [Future Sickness]
12. Switch Technique – D.I.D. [Genosha 175]
13. Switch Technique – Methylated Dreams [UNION]
14. Dj Hidden – The Outsider Looking In [Tantrum Recordings]
15. The Outside Agency – The Solution [Killing Sheep]
16. Dj Hidden & Switch Technique – Imagination [UNION]
17. The Outside Agency & Switch Technique – Senseless Society [Genosha 175]

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